Where is The Clipboard on My iPhone?

Clipboard is a feature that allows you to paste text or links that you have previously copied.

This feature was created to make it easier for iPhone users in daily use, so they don’t have to bother typing long texts manually which of course will take a lot of time.

Maybe some of you are wondering about where and how to access the Clipboard on iPhone. Relax, on this occasion, I am here to help you in solving this problem.

There is no exact location to see where the iPhone clipboard is. Because the clipboard is not an application, but a short-term text data storage feature that can only be accessed when we want to copy or paste the text.

Of course, because this feature is short-term, you can only store one type of content of text at a time. If you try to copy any other text, the old text stored on the clipboard will be deleted.

The ways to use the clipboard on iPhone are as follows:

  • Long press on any text on your iPhone.
  • You will see a pop-up menu this is your clipboard.
  • Now click on it.
  • Options only exclusive to clipboard like “Copy”, “Cut”, and “Paste” will show up.
  • Now select your desired command and you are ready with your clipboard which is already loaded with your text data.
  • Note: for the “Paste” command, not only you can long press on text, but also an empty field as well.

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