How to Unread a Message on iPhone

What is a dilemma? As for me, dilemma is when you open a message, don’t know what to reply or realize that you haven’t had time to reply yet, but you feel bad for the sender of the message if you don’t reply to the message. Be honest with me, you must have experienced something like this pretty often, right?

Therefore, some people prefer to mark those messages as unread. In addition to protecting the feelings of the sender, this method is also much more ethical than just reading the message but not replying at all. So, how to do it?

Unfortunately, as of the moment, this article was written, even the latest iOS 14 update hasn’t launched this feature. The “mark as unread” feature is limited to the email platform, not the iPhone’s default messaging app. Therefore, we must find alternative methods that can be used to outsmart the iPhone’s inability to do this.

And if the reason we mark the messages as unread is that we don’t have a proper reply or don’t have enough time to send a reply but also don’t want to forget to reply to the message, then you can use the following method:

  • Press on a text message and tap “more”.
  • Make sure it’s marked with the blue dot on the left. Then tap the forward arrow in the lower right corner.
  • Enter your number in the “to” at the top.
  • Place the cursor on the text. Switch to the emoji keyboard and add the tick icon.
  • Tap Send. Now you have a copy that is unread on your iPhone.

The method above may not be perfect to be an alternative solution to the “mark as unread” feature. However, at least this way, you can remember the messages that you want to reply to.


You can now unread a text message on your iPhone. The way this is done is by pressing the blue dot next to the message, forwarding it with your contact number in the To field with an emoji of a tick icon attached at the end. This will make sure that you have copied and pasted it back into your inbox as if you had never read or seen it before. If there are any messages that you don’t want to forget about but also cannot reply quickly enough for whatever reason, then using this method should help so you won’t be forgetting anything important!

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