How to “Trust” Computer on iPhone with Broken Screen

Don’t let the title in this article confuse you. What I meant by “Trust” here is a pop-up dialogue that appears when you want to connect your iPhone to a computer (either Windows or Mac) to perform purposes such as backups and so on.

The problem appears when the iPhone device that you want to connect to has a broken screen that makes the touchscreen function on the iPhone stutter. Therefore, you cannot press the “Trust” option when the iPhone asks “Trust this Computer”.

Of course, buying a new iPhone is the most recommended option when something like this happens. However, what about the data on your old iPhone? Let alone backing up data with iTunes or iCloud, even just pressing the “Trust” button when you want to back up your data via computer is already very difficult to do.

So, how exactly to trust a computer on iPhone with a broken screen?

How to “Trust” computer on your iPhone with partially broken screen.

If your iPhone screen is only partially damaged and still leaves space with the touchscreen function running normally, then maybe this method can help.

The steps that you must follow are:

  • Press and hold the physical Home button to activate Siri.
  • Then, say “Open VoiceOver”.
  • Press the Home button twice to display the password screen.
  • Now, use the part of the screen that is still functioning properly to move the VoiceOver cursor to a different password number button. VoiceOver cursor to a different password number button.
  • If your screen is not visible, don’t worry because VoiceOver also says that the button is selected.
  • When the cursor is at the next password you want, double-tap to “click” the selected password.
  • After your iPhone screen is unlocked, the VoiceOver feature that is still active can help you to choose the “Trust” option when you want to connect your iPhone to a computer.

The method above only works for iPhone devices that are equipped with a physical home button such as iPhone 6, 7, or 8. For iPhone X to the latest iPhone 12 that doesn’t have a physical Home button, then you can say “Hey SIRI” instead to activate VoiceOver if you have previously turned on the SIRI function.

How to “Trust” computer on your iPhone with completely broken screen.

Unfortunately, this method is almost impossible to do. An iPhone device with a completely broken screen condition will not allow you to press anything on your iPhone screen.

The only possible way to save the data on your iPhone is to take it to the Apple Support Center. Or even better, you can buy a new iPhone instead.

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