How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 12

Sometimes, there are a lot of interesting moments or things that you encounter while surfing on social media or chatting with your friends in group chats. Luckily, if you don’t want to miss the moment, there is a “screenshot” feature that allows you to capture whatever is on your screen in image form.

For those who have upgraded their device to iPhone 12, maybe you are wondering about how screenshot works on this device. So, I am here to help you solve the problem.

Press Power Button and Volume Up

I’m sure that this is the first way that comes to your mind when you want to take a screenshot on any device. And congratulations, you can also take screenshots on iPhone 12 with this method as well.

It’s simple and easy. You just need to press and hold the volume up button and the power button simultaneously for a few seconds, and voila, your screenshot is ready.

Using the Assistive Touch Feature

If you find the first method inconvenient, you can use this method instead.

What is Assistive Touch? Assistive Touch is a versatile tool for accessing some of the menus you use most often. With this feature, you don’t have to bother pressing any physical buttons. Simply by tapping once, you can take screenshots on iPhone 12. In addition, this method is also faster and less time-consuming.

To enable this feature, Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch and enable the Assistive Touch option. After you activate this feature, an icon will appear. Tap that icon, then add a screenshot option to the Assistive Touch feature. And now you don’t have to deal with buttons anymore!

“Hey, SIRI!”

What is an iPhone without its assisntant SIRI?

If you are perhaps too lazy to use the two methods listed above, maybe this third method is the most suitable for you. No buttons, and not even lifting your finger. You just need to say “Hey, SIRI!” and an interface indicating that SIRI is ready to be commanded will appear. Then, all you have to do is just command SIRI to take a screenshot. A piece of cake, isn’t it?


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