How to Select All on Mac?

Yesterday, we have discussed how to select multiple files on Mac. Now, we will raise our discussion to one level above. What if we want to select all items on Mac? Is that even possible?

Rejoice Mac users, because this thing is not impossible to do. It’s very easy for anyone to do, and doesn’t take a long time. So, Instead of making you wait, let’s just get to today’s topic; how to select all on Mac?

First, before we talk about the main topic, you need to know that Apple has pinned a special key on the Mac keyboard called the “Command key” (often abbreviated as Cmd). And what did the Command key do? The function itself is more or less the same as the Control key (Ctrl) function on non-Mac keyboards. Namely to execute a special command with just one press.

Why am I telling you this, you say? Of course, because it is heavily relevant to the topic we are going to discuss today. The only step that you need to do to select all on a Mac is to press the Command key and A at the same time. And then, all items or files that are displayed on the screen will be automatically selected.

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