How to Put Two Pictures Side By Side on iPhone

If we think about it, the photo editing feature provided by the iPhone does not give a lot of freedom to its users. What I mean by this, the users are only allowed to use simple editing feature and is limited to crop or apply filters to photos.

As a result, this often presents a dilemma for those who want to edit photos by putting two pictures side by side together, whether it’s for a collage or to make a comparison between those two photos. If you are one of those people who are in a dilemma regarding this problem, do not worry because now, I am here to help you.

Because we can’t rely on the photo editor provided by the iPhone for this case, we inevitably have to use third-party services. However, of course, it would be very inconvenient if we had to install another application just to do simple editing such as put two pictures side by side together, right?

Thus, using an online photo editor service that was created specifically for making collages is a better way to solve the problem. Besides being practical and fast, using an online photo editor can also save more storage. Of the many online photo editors available on the internet, my choice fell on

Why did I choose this site? Because besides being user-friendly, this online editor is also easy to use because it only provides the features needed to make collages. So without further ado, let’s move on to the procedure on how to put two pictures side by side on iPhone using photocollage.

  • Make sure you have internet access and a browser app that you can use. Safari is more recommended because it is specifically designed for iPhone devices.
  • Type “” in the search section of the site, and click enter.
  • Click Add images > Photo Library. This will allow you to grab pictures from your camera roll.
  • Select the two images you want to place side by side, and then click Done. In case you want to add more photos, you can select them whilst you’re in the camera roll.
  • Click Auto Collage at the top section.
  • Click Order > Ok. This will create a high-resolution collage which may take a while. Wait for the progress bars to reach 100.
  • Click Save and enter a file name, and then click Ok.
  • Click and long press the collage and click Save Image to save it to your device.

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