How to Make iPhone Say Something When You Plug It In

The technology presented by iPhone is sophisticating enough and is able to provide comfort and convenience for its users. However, there are still some people who want their iPhone to look different from the others. And one of them is by making iPhone say something when you plug it in.

Well, is it possible, though? The good news is, it is. The latest iOS 14 update presents a myriad of innovative and useful new features for its users. And one that catches the attention of most iPhone users is the feature that allows SIRI to say something when you plug your iPhone into the charger. Do you want to know? Well, don’t go anywhere and read to the end!

The feature that we will discuss this time is “Charging Automation”. How to access this feature is through the shortcut application that is installed by default on iPhone devices that have been updated to iOS 14. If you have updated to iOS 14 and can’t find this shortcut application, do not worry because you can download it anytime in the App Store.

Without any further ado, let’s move on to the following steps:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  • Find the navigation bar and then go the “Automation” tab at the middle of the bottom screen.
  • Tap on the “Create Personal Automation” option and then find “charger” in the list and tap it.
  • Plug-in your iPhone to the charger which will trigger the “Is Connected” option.
  • Tap on it (the Is Connected) then tap on the “Next” option at the right top corner of the screen.
  • Then, tap on “Add Action” and then select “Speak Text” option.
  • After that, you can write whatever you want SIRI to say when you plug-in your iPhone to the charger.
  • Make sure you have turned off the “Ask Before Running” option.
  • Tap “Done” to save the automation setting.
  • There you go, your iPhone now can say something when you plug it in to the charger!

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