How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

There are times when you want to take a screenshot, but you don’t want to take your entire screen and only want a certain area to be taken. Things like this are certainly not a rare experience anymore, right?

If you are a Mac user and are experiencing problems like this, do not worry because there is always a solution to the problem. This article will answer all your questions regarding how to crop a screenshot on a Mac device.

The easiest way to crop a screenshot on Mac is to use Mac’s built-in Preview app. Because this way, you don’t need to install and use any third-party applications anymore. And because this method uses Mac’s default application, it will be more effective and efficient.

There are three ways to take a screenshot on a Mac device:

  1. Take a screenshot of an image or page you are working on using the Command key, Shift, and number 3.
  2. Take a screenshot of a single window using the Command key, Shift, number 4, and Space bar.
  3. Or, take a certain area of your screen using the Command key, Shift, number 4 then click and drag your mouse to the area that you wish to capture.

If you are not satisfied with the screenshots you took, you can further edit them through the tools provided by Preview. As per the topic of this article, To crop, go to Tools and hit the “Crop” option.

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