How to Connect Beats to Mac

Other than Airpods, Apple also released their own headphones that have more variety and segmentation that is more targeted at audio and music lovers. As a variety of headphones, Beats offers two main options: wired and wireless headphones.

The Beats variant that I mentioned last often confuses people due to the wireless system having a different connection method than the wired variant. So, how to connect Beats to Mac?

Make sure your Beats are turned on and have enough battery power. It is indicated by a flashing LED light. If you’re done, please follow the following steps:

  • On your Mac, click on the “Apple menu”.
  • Choose “System Preferences”, and then select “Bluetooth”.
  • Choose your Beats headphones from the list of devices. The name of the Beats headphones listed on the list depends on the Beats product you have.
  • Finally, click “Pair” to pair your Beats with your Mac device.

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