How to Combine PDF Files on Mac

For people who work in the office or administration sector, PDF is one of the important file formats that they often encounter and often use in their work. Besides being easy to access and apply to various things, PDF format files also tend to have more visual aesthetic value so they are comfortable to look at.

And sometimes, there are orders from your boss that require you to combine or merge two PDF files into one. Fortunately, for you Mac users, no need to worry. Because today, I will give you tips on how to combine PDF files on a Mac device.

Without further ado, here are the steps you need to follow to combine multiple PDF files on Mac:

  • To combine multiple PDF files on Mac, you have to use the “Preview” app on your Mac. Thus, open “Preview”.
  • From your Preview app, open the PDFs that you want to combine.
  • Click on “View”, then go to “Thumbnails” to show page thumbnails in the sidebar.
  • To indicate where to insert the other document, select a page thumbnail.
  • Then, Choose “Edit”.
  • Click “Insert”, and then “Page” from File.
  • From there, select the PDF that you want to add, then click “Open”.
  • After you did, you can click on “File”, and then “Export as PDF” to save it as PDF.

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