How to Clear System Storage on Mac

Nobody likes full storage. Of course, full storage will make it difficult for you in daily use. In addition to making you limited in saving a file, full storage also tends to make Mac devices run slowly.

Especially when you check the settings to find out what’s making your Mac’s storage full, and it turns out that what cause is not your files, but system storage that takes up a lot of space. Annoying, isn’t it? So, to solve the problem mentioned above, are there any tips for clearing system storage on Mac?

Why is your System Storage full?

If you feel that you have never tampered with anything in your system storage and don’t know anything about the cause of your system storage being full, then it is very likely that you will be confused by this.

The cause of full system storage is because Apple counts iTunes backup files and app caches (for example, Adobe video cache files) in the System category. And to avoid system damage due to users accidentally tampering with system files in system storage, Apple makes this system storage read-only (can not be deleted).

How to clear system storage without damaging your Mac?

As a result of Apple’s actions that managed to minimize device damage due to its user carelessness, a new problem emerged. Users who are eager to relieve their system storage without damaging their Mac devices are now even more confused in overcoming this problem.

Like it or not, we have to use third-party applications to get around this Apple provision. One application that I recommend to clear system storage without damaging Mac devices is CleanMyMac. When you have finished downloading CleanMyMac, you can follow these steps:

  • Open CleanMyMac on your Mac device.
  • Then, under the “Space Lens” module, click the yellow “Grant Access” button to allow the app to access your Mac files.
  • Choose System Junk in the sidebar.
  • After that, select “Scan” to get started.
  • Once it’s finished, if you’re happy to remove the files CleanMyMac recommends, press Clean.
  • If not, choose Review Details and go through the list of results.
  • Uncheck the box next to any items you don’t want to delete.

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