How Long Does it Take to Backup an iPhone?

Backing up your iPhone device is one of the important things that need to be done. Why is that? Because if one day your iPhone experiences data loss problems, you can get the lost data back.

At the moment, there are three ways that most people use to back up data on their iPhone: iTunes, iCloud and via Mac/Windows. However, there are still many people who complain about how long the backup process is in these three services. Today, I will tell you how long does it take to backup an iPhone and some tips to increase your backup speed.

How Long Does it Take to Backup an iPhone?


Through its official website, Apple claims that the iPhone data backup process via iTunes will take 15 to 20 minutes. But in reality, there will still be exceptions. If you want to back up large amounts of data, the process can take up to 30 or even 40 minutes.

In addition, the iPhone model you have also affected the backup process through iTunes. In short, the backup process on an iPhone with a storage capacity of 64 GB will be faster than an iPhone with a capacity of 256 GB.


If you use an iPhone with a large storage capacity, maybe you will feel bored if you have to linger waiting for the backup process in iTunes. That’s why iCloud is present as an alternative solution.

However, one thing to note is that the backup process in iCloud is largely determined by the speed of your internet network. This is reasonable because iCloud itself uses cloud-based services, aka a combination of the use of computer technology and Internet-based development.

If you’re using high-speed Wi-Fi, the backup process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. But, if you use a mobile network instead, then be prepared to wait about two to three hours.


If you have a computer with a Mac or Windows operating system, you might be able to try this method.

For Mac devices with macOS version below 10.15, then you need to use iTunes to back up your iPhone data. While versions of macOS 10.15 and above, this step is not required. For Windows devices themselves, iTunes must be turned on.

In general, the amount of time will depend on the amount of data you want to back up and the condition of your iPhone.

How to Speed Up Backup Process on iPhone

Nobody likes slow things. This also applies to gadget users, including the iPhone’s. Here are some tips that can be used to speed up the backup process on your iPhone:

  • Delete old unused apps that have a lot of app data
  • Remove unused media from iPhone
  • Move your photos to your computer, or to iCloud Photo Library
  • Create regular iTunes or iCloud backups
  • Avoid sending crash reports to Apple every iTunes sync
  • Ensure you’re using the right connection

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