How Accurate is Find My iPhone?

Losing an iPhone is certainly a very unpleasant experience for everyone. In addition to losing items that cost a lot of money to buy, we also lose important data and memories that we stored on our iPhones. Moreover, if our iPhone falls into the wrong hands, our personal data may be used for indecent deeds by them.

Therefore, this time I will share you the tips to prevent and reduce losses when an incident like this hits us. By using the Find My iPhone feature, we don’t need to panic when we lose our iPhone. So, how exactly do you use this feature? And how accurate is find my iPhone feature?

What is Find My iPhone?

As we discussed above, Find My iPhone is a feature embedded in every iPhone device to anticipate the event of losing an iPhone. For iOS 13, the “Find My iPhone” feature has been renamed the “Find My” app. However, despite the difference in names, the basic functions of these two applications are generally still the same.

What can Find My iPhone do?

Track your iPhone’s Last Location

By using the Find My iPhone feature and signing into iCloud, you can track the last location of your iPhone. And there’s no need to panic if your iPhone runs out of battery because this feature can also record the last location before your iPhone turns off. An upgraded version of Find My iPhone—Find My—can even track the location of an iPhone device even when the iPhone is offline.

Play A Sound

This feature is not pretty useful when your iPhone is completely lost, but it will be very handy when you forget where you put your iPhone. No need to worry if your iPhone is in silent mode because Find My iPhone will still force your iPhone to be able to play the sound or beep at maximum volume.

Activating Lost Mode

By activating Lost Mode, your iPhone will automatically lock the device screen and you can add a message on the screen lock, so anyone who finds your iPhone can know that the iPhone is yours.

Remote Data Erase

However, if you suspect that your iPhone is lost because it was stolen and are worried that your data will be misused, you can delete all the data on your lost phone by tapping the “Erase iPhone” option.

How Accurate is Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone uses cellular data, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS to track your iPhone device. Therefore, the accuracy of this feature also depends on the number of options available. For example, if your iPhone is lost in a location that does not have WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS networks, Find My iPhone will only use cellular data to track your iPhone. Of course, this will be less accurate than the other way around.

To find out the accuracy of Find My iPhone, you can see it from the location feedback displayed in the application feature. If the location displayed by Find My iPhone is marked with a small green circle, then the location displayed is 90% accurate.

However, if the small green circle is surrounded by a larger green circle, it means that the accuracy provided is not too great, but the estimated location of your iPhone must be around that area. If it shows a gray circle, it means that your iPhone is not detected in Find My iPhone. This can be caused by a lack of signal support such as cellular data, WiFi, etc.

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